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Craig Clark

Welcome to my practice, Attachment Center of Monterey Bay. My focus is on your care and successful outcomes by providing a safe, warm, non-judgemental environment for healing, so that you and your family can move from shame, blame or despair, into wholeness and true connection. My approach integrates research-validated, attachment-informed, brain-based treatment with other effective modalities including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral, and family systems therapies.

In addition to many years of clinical and parenting experiences, I actively and regularly participate in continuing education and advanced training to provide you with the best treatment possible.

I have many years of experience counseling families, couples, individuals and children for a variety of concerns. I have expertise in working with children for treatment of child and adolescent trauma, grief, maladaptive behavior and insecure bonding.

Craig is a clinical member of Santa Cruz Chapter of California Association of Marriage Family Therapists Santa Cruz Chapter CAMFT. He has lived in the Monterey Bay Area since 1973, where he and his wife have lovingly guided two boys into adulthood.

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Donnie Parker

My holistic orientation is based on the belief that knowing oneself cannot happen simply in the mind. Coming home to the whole self includes what lives in our bodies and our spirits. This access only happens in the present. I work in a present-centered process style, implementing aspects of Hakomi and other somatic techniques, using mindfulness as a tool for slowing down and tuning in to what can be felt in our bodies and noticed in our minds.

My primary focus in working with relationships is in attachment with a brain science foundation. I work with children and parents to optimize the natural, loving connection that may be blocked by various unconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Using play therapy and narrative therapy, we can begin to see each family member’s perspective and sense of self and to allow a deeper truth to unfold, reflecting the strengths and resources available to meet the challenges, empower the individuals, and heal the relationships.

In working with individual adults and teens, I find that we all have innate resources and wisdom for meeting the circumstances of our lives, which may be obstructed by coping mechanisms that were implemented through necessity in childhood or in trauma. I offer therapy as an environment of deep acceptance in which you can feel safe enough to see and feel patterns that may be unconsciously occurring within you, and find the deeper, underlying health that allows your gifts and strengths to develop, and your relationships to thrive.

I am an MFT intern with a master’s degree in Holistic Psychotherapy from John F. Kennedy University and I am a member of CAMFT- California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

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