growing healthy and secure family relationships

Intensive Treatment Program

Home and community counseling for children, teens and families

ACMB has developed a comprehensive intensive outpatient program - in home, in office, in the community which can change the trajectory of treatment, meeting the family's needs without resorting to costly residential treatment.

Are you working too hard as a parent? Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and tired of:

There is hope.

Families face all kinds of challenges

Sometimes the hardest ones are those closest to our hearts. When our child struggles from the ill effects caused by their experience of trauma, loss or fear, then finding the right help can be very difficult. The complexity of families with adopted children may present situations that are especially challenging to treat and require our uniquely tailored and multi-faceted treatment approaches to be successful.

Call to discuss how we can create a comprehensive, customized treatment plan to meet the needs of your family.


Parents who have tried everything...

yet are still facing chronic misbehavior may feel that the only alternative is residential treatment...

However the real issue may be lack of access to specifically trained professionals who can provide more intensive and coordinated treatment services.

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